Eli Mauwad



I am a third generation practicing attorney. There is a fourth generation practicing attorney also in my family. My brother is an attorney. I have been involved in the legal system since sophomore year in high school. I have resolved many, many cases either through plea negotiations or trial.

In our office, we have a team effort where we utilize not just the lawyers but also experts in the field of DNA, fingerprinting, toxicology, firearms, etc to help if we need them to determine whether or not there is a valid case against a defendant.

I also try to educate my clients by describing in a layperson type of way what the charges are and what they mean, what the punishment could be and I also try to educate my client if the matter goes to trial and what the trial procedures are.

My perception of practicing law for over 32 years is that you have to out work the prosecutor. You have a police report that has been prepared by a police officer and then a prosecutor looks at the police report and bases the charges on what the police department gives to the prosecutor’s office. There are many, many cases where what is in the police report is just not true based upon investigation through either myself, private investigators or experts or other witnesses. I do have a team of private investigators that will help if we need them and many times they will find that the facts in the police report are not what they claim to be.

I am a member of the Michigan State Bar, the Federal Courts in the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, Federal Court in the Northern District of Ohio, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and the Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

I have practiced in out of state cases and therefore if you are a Michigan resident who is also looking for an attorney to help out in an out of state case, then also contact me.

We are here to assess the case with the clients and to make sure that a final conclusion is reached where we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I look forward to a relationship with the public regarding these hard times in our country.

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